Dear Members & Friends,

Greetings from the Les Clefs d’Or of Macau! OLA!

The Les Clefs d’Or Macau was founded in 2006 as section under the Hong Kong chapter, and was formally welcomed as the 45th member country at the 30th International Congress in Kuala Lumpur in 2014. We currently have 24 active members from 21 different hotels in Macau and continue to grow in number but also in stature.

The organization aims to develop FRIENDSHIP and continued improvement of SERVICE quality. Whilst encouraging friendship among its members, Les Clefs d’Or also impart knowledge to continually improve their professional skills. Therefore, the society conducts conferences, trainings and meetings throughout the year to keep the members up to date with all activities and maintain the efficiency of each member. Members are expected to be well-versed, hospitable, and professional to meet all hotel guest’s requests and needs.

A brief background of Macau SAR (Special Administrative Region) is much more than just Casinos, there are a lot of attractions that would keep you eventful for days and its rich heritage is a melting pot between East and West. Macau is famous internationally as ‘the Las Vegas of the East’ and the city’s gambling industry is the most successful in the world surpassing Las Vegas. Formerly a Portuguese Colony where you will find cuisines fusion with Chinese dishes and Portuguese-style architecture which will keep your cameras shooting for more. Along with that comes a unique nightlife entertainment and a plethora of Michelin Star restaurants.

Macau is also a good extra trip to Hong Kong which is an hour away by ferry or take the newly opened HZMB (Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge) for approximately 45 minutes. If you want to truly enjoy Macau, this is where the Les Clefs d’Or comes in, to provide recommendations and professional assistance on how you may appreciate the beauty of the city.

I, Sammy Chan President of Les Clefs d’Or Macau, Welcome you and thank you for your interest in Les Clefs d’Or Macau. As the newly elected President, I am looking forward to working hand in hand with members in upholding the professional and ethical standards of the association in promoting Macau on making it a significant role in the Tourism Industry. By remaining competitive on the international stage and strengthening the image of one of the most beautiful destination in the world, we must constantly improve our service to keep up with the fast paced, instantaneous world of tourism.

In Service Through Friendship,

Sammy Chan
President | Les Clefs d’Or Macau


Source: HYATT Youtube channel