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Les Clefs d’Or Macau was founded in 2006 as international members of Les Clefs d’Or Hong Kong.

The Macau chapter was formally accepted as the 45th member country at the 30th International Congress in Kuala Lumpur in 2014.

The principle aim of Les Clefs d’Or is to develop friendship amongst concierges, help improve and maintain the quality of service provided by the concierge staff in their hotels, and to ensure that this little appreciated profession is given the recognition it deserves. Whilst encouraging friendship and solidarity among its members, Les Clefs d’Or also teaches them to continually improve their professional skills.

Members are expected to be presentable, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and experienced, preferably multi lingual. Knowing how to advise guests and having the ability to cooperate and work alongside management for the benefit of their hotel guests.

5 Star Service at The Langham Hotel | The Concierge

Source: Les Clefs d’Or YouTube