Siana Iong

Director of VIP Services at Wynn Palace

Founder of Les Clefs d’Or Macau, 2014

“Les Clefs d’Or Macau”

Inspired by the motto “In Service Through Friendship”, Les Clefs d’Or was firstly introduced to Macau Concierge Industry in 2006. Under the umbrella of The Society of the Golden Keys of Hong Kong, Macau was gradually grown from 1 member to 16 members across 15 hotels. From 2008, Macau Representative, Siana long (also known as the Founder & 1st President of Macau section) started to join the UICH International Congress as an Observer and began to build up the network among the organization. Although, there were some unexpected challenges experienced throughout the years but all are well overcome and enhancing us to become stronger. On 14th January 2014, we are proudly announced as the 45th section in UICH family in the 61st International Congress in Malaysia. Macau also known as Asia Vegas, the hospitality industry has grown rapidly since 2004. By 2016, expecting to have additional approximate 20,000 more rooms will be offered to the market. With all of the bright future ahead of us, we are confidence to expand the motto in the hospitality industry and promoting the history as well as the values of Les Clefs d’Or to our young generations.

Vive Les Clefs d’Or

‘In Service Through Friendship’